This is a short how-to on how to activate Effetha 2 software.

1. After installing, start Effetha. You will see a welcome screen. Click the "License information" button (1).

2. You will find information about your current license, which is empty. Select "Hardware ID" field (2) with your mouse and copy it to clipboard with Ctrl+C. Send it via email to After receiving the license file return to this screen and click "Select license file" button (3).

3. Select the file (4) in dialog window that appears. Afterwards click "Open" button.

4. If everything is OK the license window should be updated with new information, such as "License information" field (6) or "Company" (7). To complete the process close the window (8) and restart Effetha 2.

5. Succesfully activated program hides information about remaining evaluation days.